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” How Men & Women From Weston-Super-Mare Are Losing Weight While Getting In The Best Shape Of Their Lives Without Coma Inducing Workouts Or Soul Crushing Diets

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Hi my name is Matt Jupp and I provide The Ultimate Weight Loss And Fitness Formula in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset England.

My small and exclusive ‘Phit Fam’ is an indoor and outdoor weight loss and fitness program which bases exercise around the natural way in which our bodies are designed to move without any intimidating heavy weights or fancy gimmicks.

What I provide here is no ordinary bootcamp or exercise class though.

Mainly using ‘HIIT’ (High-Intensity Interval Training), which is scientifically known to be the best and most effective way to increase your metabolism and send your body into fat burning weight loss overdrive

My training methods are always refreshing, unique, fun and creative

Yet challenging and progressive the whole time.

This will be an addictive fitness journey that you have never experienced before.

Your self-confidence levels will skyrocket while unlocking your weight loss and fitness potential to a whole new level.

All provided in a motivational and non-judgemental atmosphere.

Plus with full support including Nutrition and daily habits coaching.

Our exclusive groups are targeted for frustrated men and women aged between 28-50.

Men and women who are determined to get into shape and want to experience greater things in life.

But most important of all

Those who just want to love themselves and live again once more after sadly letting themselves go from other lifestyle commitments.

I specialise in weight loss and fitness for groups and I know how exactly to deliver those results.

Those results that will help you achieve that lean, fit and toned body physique.


Because of this…

I have enhanced the life of 100′s of men and women.

Personally helping them lose the weight and help to keep it off for good with my honest yet simple lifestyle coaching.

Bringing their energy and productivity at work to another level with my experience being in the industry for the last 7 years.

Being the first outdoor fitness provider even to exist in Weston-Super-Mare

Helping my memberss improve their relationships, sex life and connections with their partners and families too.


tortorBefore though many of these guys tried pretty much every soul-crushing diet, club, class and local ‘boot camp’ going…

Trying fat burner pills and sipping ridiculously expensive shakes.

Not to mention counterproductive workouts from fitness magazines

Or feeling just not good enough from constant patronizing advice from other fitness professionals

Those who seem to live the ‘perfect life’ and have never had a bad day.

End result?

They did not get the results they were after….

Sadly ending up heavier, lost and feeling frustrated than ever before…

Until they contacted me of course.

You see, I kill fat for a living.

And I am pretty nifty at getting people fit as a fiddle also.

This has been from my passion and experience training groups for the last 7 years.

Motivating and inspiring them with my own personal achievements along the way.

Examples are:

Representing the UK for the Obstacle Course Race World Championships in Canada.

Completing a 69 Mile Ultra Marathon in 16 hours from Carlisle to Newcastle

Taking on a 36-hour SAS endurance event.

And most recent being an ambassador and part of the Vivo Life team

I admit it though…

weight loss isn’t easy.

If it was then we wouldn’t have such an obesity problem.

And this is just getting worse on a daily basis.

There’s so much conflicting miss leading information out there that you just don’t know what’s going to work for you right?

I don’t think I am MR PERFECT either…

I have had many struggles in my life too.

I have quit things more times I can remember and I’ve had my fair share of past regrets too.

I mean haven’t we all?

But as you can see from below in the last 10 years a lot has changed for me

So I can empathize but also help you too

But without all the time-wasting gimmicks and bullshit in this industry

I am here to help you change your life if you want to take it.

And I’m 100% committed to your success.


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Life Changing Results

” From having my third child in 5 years I was having very low self esteem and completely lacking in confidence before I joined Synergy Phitness.

However, in just 8 months I lost a grand total of 42 lbs and 39 inches off my body and dropped from a size 14 to a size 8! I feel fit, sexy and energised for the first time in years!

There is now nothing I feel I can not do. My life has completely changed for the better because of Synergy. “

– Kim Wilson kim-2


” I was in poor shape, morbidly obese, unfit with an ex stream lack of confidence!

In 7 months I have lost over 4 stone, 22 inches of body mass and gained back my life! I’m happier, healthier and have a load of energy! I wouldn’t be where I am today without Synergy Phitness!! “

– Lawrence Elliot




Benefits Of Joining Us:


  • To gain a better, lean , fit and toned body from head to toe in as little as 30 days.
  • Finally wear those tops with confidence and those skinny jeans once again.
  • Simple and easy to follow nutrition plans provided monthly.
  • Unstoppable motivation and accountability daily to help achieve your goals. Nothing is left by chance.
  • To receive 24/7 coaching support from the most passionate and dedicated trainer you will ever meet.
  • To train in and make new friends a positive, supportive non-judgmental environment.
  • From of being out of shape, lacking confidence and unhappy with your appearance to a more vibrant, skin glowing, fitter and more focused version of yourself.
  • Less joint and back pain resulting in a better quality sleep.
  • Increased mobility so you can dance those weekend nights away.
  • Fewer mood swings so you no longer snap at your friends or family.
  • Be more productive, sharp and focused at work so you can get that pay rise at work or expand your business.
  • Make you attractive and irresistible to the opposite sex with your new body and increased confidence levels.
  • Have more energy than the Duracell Bunny so you can keep up with your friends or family and take up any new physical challenge.
  • A healthy and fine-tuned fit body for peace of mind for yourself, family or partner.
  • Healthy lifestyle and self-development coaching to get your head in the game for the long term.
  • People asking you”Whats your secret?”…
  • No contract. Leave when want and no questions asked.

Plus MANY more!



As we have a unique winning system 

We do not sadly just let ‘anyone’ in…

I need to ensure you will fit and be a benefit for our community 

I am very particular who I give my time and reveal my life-enhancing tactics to…

There are plenty of other fitness professionals who will gladly take anyone’s money

And that’s cool.
But I will not. 

You are investing in me to change your life

So with that, you need the right attitude 

This is why we have an application process to join 

So I am not here to convince you 

And quite frankly…

It’s not me who is missing out if you do not choose to take action right now 

Who that leaves us now with just 2 questions

Are you finally willing to invest in yourself?”


“Are you worth it?”

That’s the bottom line

If you think you are then hit the Apply Button below 


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