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About My Viral Video And Weight Loss

Passion, Patience and persistence make an unbeatable combination for success 🤜🤛

The other day I uploaded a video on the new most popular increasing social media app “Tiktok” and my video received over 53K LIKES in just 2 days

Check out the video by clicking HERE

^ Then make sure you are following me also if have an account

Username – @iAmMattJupp

It’s only going to get more popular and increasing every day

Now I would love to tell you a load of BS or “secrets” on how I achieved this in such a short amount of time but it is down to the same principles and protocols of actually losing weight, fat and getting health and great shape

End of the day passion and persistence (with some realistic patience) will conquer all 💪🏻🌎

These days all the talk seems to be about “a calorie deficit… like it’s something new in the industry …

But deep down you have always known this…

I even created a 150 page book about it in 2010…and many other fitness professionals have probably been trying to educate yourself about this before also 💁‍♀️

But the thing is though…losing weight or fat actually is VERY SIMPLE regardless of your story…😫… I mean…we all know how to really don’t we?

But here’s the thing once something is simple….EXCUSES ARE NO LONGER VALID…so we then tend to make things more complex…

We do this by changing things, obsess over the smallest details instead of just focusing on the basics, foundations, and just being a little patient and consistent

✔️Consistent with your training
✔️Consistent with food choices even if 80% of time
✔️Consistent with daily habits
❤️Passionate with your training or purpose (goals)
❤️ Passionate about your self-love
🕰 Patience with your goals and progress
🕰 Patience and realisation that Rome wasn’t built in a day

And just being yourself, and doing things for YOU

That’s how I did it

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