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Lose Weight While Still Eating Crap..

Not literary but let me explain.

In order to achieve the amazing result of a lean and toned body

you’ll have to workout hard and eat right at least 80% of the time.

Don’t fall into the trap of feeling like you have to eat

perfectly and exercise hard every single day.

Then if (when) you fail to meet that unreasonable expectation, you fall off the fitness wagon.

You can’t win by having a ‘100% or nothing’ attitude towards fitness.

You’re human.

You’re going to have a bad day, a sick day or just an off day.

Allow yourself 20% of grace and be sure to workout hard

and eat like a champion the other 80% of the time.

I call this the 80-20 rule.


For some reason down the line people have been brained washed to believe

that in order you have to lose weight you must join the “Chicken N Broccoli” crew

and be part of this every single day until your time has come.

(probably from depression or boredom)

Let’s be honest here.

90% of you probably HATE Broccoli.

And 90% of you probably even hate doing exercise too.

If this was not the case wouldn’t we all be PHIT and sexy right now?

Like I have said before now I am NOT Mr perfect.

I mean how boring would that be anyway?

I like to have my treats.

I train personally for myself 4-5 times a week

(3-4 max is fine for you)

and once a week I have a cheat meal or “treat night”.
If my clients are following one my rapid weight loss programmes they will also have this too

They have to be good though in the week to earn it.


Just like myself.

You should see my friend’s face expressions when they see

the junk food that is in my shopping basket.

I get comments such as:

“You can’t eat that..”

You just bloody watch me baby”cakes” 😉

And man does It feels so “SWEET”

(sorry again)

going into a sugar coma after a hard week of work and training.

I earned that pleasure.


Doing this once a week not only does me a world of good.

But helps keep my sanity too.

Then I re start again and just keep on going.

You see our diet or our “eating habits” as I would prefer to call it

count as 70-80% for our weight loss results.

You may not this but 1lb of fat is actually 3500 calories.

So just imagine right now a cup of butter filled right up to the rim.

That’s how big is it.

Still unhappy you “only” lost a 1lb last week?


So in order to drop a pound of fat/weight we must create a decent calorie deficit.

This can be done good eating habits (to make things a whole lot easier)

and exercise to speed up the process.

Don’t also forget those the many health benefits of doing exercise

including looking Phit and feeling just generally AWESOME!

This is why one bad meal really won’t be you big.

Just like one good meal won’t make you slim.

If you follow the 80/20 rule you should get a nice balance and

still be able to achieve your goals while still eating the foods you enjoy.

I hate it when people to say to me in regards working on their Nutrition:

“Yeah but I like food”


“But I like my carbs”

Who DOESN’T like food sorry?

Or Carbohydrates for that matter?

It’s about just making the right choices most of the time.

Healthy does not have taste bland and be boring.

Nor be complicated to make.

You either want to lose weight or you don’t want to lose weight.

Which one is it going to be?


You can’t have it all.

It’s like wanting to be rich and poor.

Sometimes you just have a make a tiny bit more effort.

Or just prepare a bit more in advance.

This is normally the problem.

Many people don’t want to do that

and just be spoon fed with everything.

These people also expect the results to come to them without putting any extra effort whatever.


I’ve experienced this a lot during my time training and trying to help people.

Just excuse after excuse.

Even total denial sometimes.

Sadly these people are going to be standing still

“wishing” and “hoping”

for results to come there way.

Or blaming the next trainer, or the next trainer

and trying every single diet fad or fitness craze there is.

Think of the money they have wasted too.


Luckily (for me anyway) my clients love the Nutrition I give them

Because IT’S NOT Broccoli and Chicken.

For example I give them an awesome tasty meatball recipe and

burgers to munch on too NOM NOM NOM!

And nothing beats a good old Curry too!


They have this type of food and still get fantastic gains.

For you it might actually be simpler to eat healthy during the work week too

when you have to follow a routine and schedule.

Then on the weekend, you do not have to eat healthy all the time.

However, it is important that when you relax on the weekend, you do not over binge.

I don’t do this because I am luck enough to have extremely strong will power.

Just be CAREFUL!

proceed with caution main Sep 10

If you really think about it by being good 80% of the time it will slowly

allow to adapt to these new healthy lifestyle changes you are going through.

Then you will be able to crack the code and do it with no struggle at all.


You can also use this 80/20 approach to living for the whole year in fact.

If you look after yourself 80% of the time the other 20% will not matter.

That 20% of year equals to around 10 week in total.

So when you are ready to step even more you can change the 80/20 to 90/10 or even go for the 100%!

If you keep doing it and eat sensible say for 30 days at a time

then if you apply and do this every few months throughout the year

you are most certainly going to get and have long term maintainable results.

Just blend in a few clean up periods to brush aside the rest.

Hope this all makes sense?

If it’s just weight loss or you just generally want to be fit

the 80/20 rule will work wonders for you.

Even more if you went for the “whole hog” (100%)


All I want you to do now is imagine how you feel like this time

next year if you followed this approach.

BTW if you need help with your eating habits then not start with my 7 Day Detox first?

It’s FREE so all you need to do is just sign up!  Click HERE

^ It’s your call ^



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1 It’s None Of Your Business..

I’m going to be brutally honest here..

but it is simply none of your business what you think of me.

And ya know what?

It’s none of my business what I think of you either.

My business in my life is to be the best possible

version of myself that I can possibly be.

And to go through life being happy and successful in

whatever path that I decide to choose.

Just making the right choices.

This is so that I can provide for myself

and also in the event that I have to support a family.

Sounds good to me.

But that’s all what matters.

And they are the only people in life that simply matter.

What anyone thinks is simply none of their business.

So I am telling you right now…



As long as you a happy and you are continuing what you want to do

that’s all what matters at the end of the day.

You need to however get over the fact that

not everyone is going like in you in life.

It’s a hard one but the sooner you stop giving a shit

about what other people think of you the more happy you will be.

Remember it’s only THEIR opinion.

And it’s their issue and their problem NOT YOURS.

You don’t need to ask permission from anyone to what you want.

And you have NOTHING to prove to anyone.

You really don’t.

ESPECIALLY not from people who think everyone cares

about their opinion and should agree with them.

That’s another thing actually.

Haters or clearly jealous people who talk shit about you..

..ALWAYS on social media right?

Facebook, Twitter etc.

That’s because Facebook gives people the bollocks

to say things they’d NEVER say to your face.

But who gives a shit right?

Their opinion is irrelevant.

And they are simply just a waste of someone’s Sperm.


Ignore them.

This will drive them INSANE.

Because it shows you don’t give a shit.

It’s quite sad yet “sweet” in a way that you affect their life so much

that they need to bang on about it on the internet.

While you continue being happy and AWESOME.

You also have to remember that people “think” about you

WAY less than you actually think they do.

I can 100% assure you that they AREN’T spending

that much time about what you’re doing.

Like I said just continue to do what need to do in life.

And do not let anyone define or dictate you.

The most important thing is though DON’T EVER stop being yourself.

At the end of the day it’s no one’s business..

2 Bootcamp Somerset is ending..


I am going to be brutally honest here.

I’ve had enough of this “bootcamp” shit.

In fact by the end of this month it shall be no more.

No shit Sherlock.

I am being 100% serious.

And if you know me personally you know I can’t be anything else.

This is one of hardest decisions I have ever made.

More than you will ever know.

But it had to happen at some point.

And the time is now.

A possible lifetime of regret.

The biggest gamble or poker hand I have ever played.

But I have to trust myself.

Follow my heart.

Go with my instincts.

And dare to be great…

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1 Come Sit On My Playstation..

And break it.

Because I have no use for it anymore.

It’s Sunday (my day of rest) and I’m having a quick play on the PlayStation 4.

I remember the excitement when I first had the Playstation 3.

Got it on launch day and I personally felt like I was THE NUTS!

Now I got this one on launch day too but for some reason I have rarely played on it.

Now would you like to play on my Playstation and push my buttons? 😉

You can also do stupid things with the joy pad like this.


While I am typing this I am actually looking out the window.

The weather outside is bloody gorgeous!

And this is reminding me now of my youth.

Now when I was younger I used to go outside and play with my friends.

Bike rides.

Water fights.

Playing in the park.

Making tree houses.

Having a game of footie in the street annoying the Neighbours.

And of course trying to avoid smelly girls!

My how things change…

Cartoons where a hell of a lot better in those days too.

Crafted and made with real passion.

Not like the crap you like see today.

I have to say but these childhood memories could possibly be the best days of my life so far.

Just no cares in the world.

Bag full of ENERGY.

Did so much.

Including being a bit naughty too (sorry mum and dad)

Like they didn’t know anyway..

So just thinking of all this kinda saddens me.

Because I very much doubt the youth today does the above.

They play on their Playstations.

Get clued onto their mobiles.

Stay on Facebook, Twitter and other social websites.

Completely isolate themselves from everyone.

And maybe even with the people they live with too.

I have been in that place before.

And I tell what it’s not very good!

Totally affected the way I was around with people.

Making Fitness a Family Affair:

Today childhood obesity is a major concern among parents and the medical community.

Like I have already said this generation of children is less active

and more obese than any generation before.

Wouldn’t it be great if your chidren naturally enjoyed exercise like we did back in the day?

If this were the case then childhood obesity wouldn’t be the looming problem that it is.

As adults we exercise to improve health, stay fit, and control weight.

But what motivates a child to be physically active?


That’s why we kept playing outside.

We were having the time of our life’s!

Funny thing is we probably didn’t even realize we were doing exercise either.

Ultimately if children and adults enjoy an activity

they’re more likely to stick with it.

As you know, an inactive child has a greater chance of becoming an inactive

adult if healthy habits aren’t instilled early in life.

It’s NEVER too early to start!

And what better way to get your kids moving than to find a fun exercise

activity your whole family can enjoy together?

Your family will not only be healthier and trimmer

but you will spend quality time connecting and set habits that may last a lifetime.

Just remember that exercising as a family won’t look like your typical workout.

Fun and creative ways to incorporate exercise into the life of your family:

Make Chore Time Fun Time Let’s face it..

Chores and kids don’t mix. Not willingly at least.

Chores and fun don’t usually mix, either.

How can you combine chores with fitness while making it fun at the same time?

Turn up your family’s favorite tunes and sing and dance while cleaning the house.

Let the kids take turns choosing the music.

All ages can be involved. The youngest can pick up toys or sweep the floors.

The older kids can vacuum, dust, and help with laundry.

While you’re at it, turn chores into a competition.

Who can clean his or her room the fastest?

Without stuffing everything in the closet haha 🙂

Dance Party:

Want a little more wiggle in your family exercise routine?

Invite the kids’ friends over for a dance party.

Move the furniture out of the way, turn down the lights

and TURN UP the tunes! Then get moving!

Kids will have a great time with this.

If you have a Wii dance game, take turns in dance competition.

Family Fitness Nights:

Family fun night is often spent sitting around watching a movie

or playing a board game. How can you turn family nights into fitness nights?

Go on a bike ride together:

Head to a nearby trail in the woods and go on a hike.

Invite another family to join you and organize a football game or relay races.

Set up a badminton net in the backyard:

If there’s snow on the ground, get out the sleds and head to a nearby hill.

What about roller-skating as a family?

Now there’s a fun family workout!


I actually bought some skates last year.

Let each family member take turns choosing which activity to do on family nights

but keep the nights focused on fun fitness.

Hire a Personal Trainer Each person has different fitness needs and goals:

Contact me today to design a workout program for each family member.

The minimum age I will train is 15 years of age.

Track Progress A great way to stay motivated as a family

to keep exercising is to track individual progress.

If one family member needs to lose weight and another is trying to bench press heavier

weight, track both of their progress and encourage them along the way.

You can also have all family members wear a pedometer and reward the

person with the most steps, or choose an exercise of the month.

Good choices are squats, lunges, sit-ups, push-ups, or jump rope.

At the beginning of the month, each family member must perform his

or her maximum number of repetitions. After a month of training

the perso with the highest percentage of improvement gets a small reward.

And keep progress at the forefront with a chart on your refrigerator

to track your family’s fitness goals.

A Way of Life When fitness is incorporated into everyday life,

it won’t become a drag or another thing to fit into your already busy

schedule. Set aside just an hour two to three times a week to get

moving as a family. Your kids will have fun and learn valuable life lessons.


Monkey see, Monkey do. So if you don’t eat right…neither will your children.

As much as you’d like to see the kids enthusiastically eating a pile

of green veggies, you’ll need to be the first one to dig in.

The easiest way to model healthy eating habits is to eat most of your meals at home.

When you eat out, the kid’s menus options are mainly fried and

carbohydrate- filled, and most come with a sugary beverage.

When you make your own meals at home center the meal around a lean protein,

such as chicken or fish, and then add in lots of colourful veggies.

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I had Crabs..

Have you?

I know right.

When an opening line eh?

But before you start the “Chinese Whispers”..

please let me explain.

Just buckle up..

fasten your seat belt..



So SERIOUSLY what I mean by Crabs is

all those negative people who just drag you down with them in life.

You must have experienced these type of people at some point no?

Thought so.

Well what about Vampires too?

ENERGY sucking folk just DRAIN the shit out of you!


Sorry to all the Twilight fans out there

but as you probably have already noticed by now

I like to speak my mind and I tend to “BITE” back 😉

You have to trust me when I say this..

I was NOT smoking anything when I came up with these terms.

The only thing I am high on is life right now 🙂

Anyway back on topic..

when you get rid of these type of people in your life

everything feels so much BETTER.

It really does.

This is another reason why I try to avoid “Flakebook” much as I can these days.


I spend a MAXIMUM of an hour a day on it in total now.

Because it DRAINS me.

Not mention it’s distracting and wastes my time.

All the bitching.

The pea-cocking.

The general bullshit.

It’s just too much for me.

Hell I have been guilty of doing this in the past too.

Thing is though if I really posted what I thought on Facebook..

I’d probably get punched in the face.

Or a hi-five.

In the face.

With a chair.

If you don’t get the above then I would like to personally shake your hand.

Or give even plant you a hi-five!

You have some amazing people in your life.

I’m well JEL!

Can’t believe I even just said that.

I don’t even watch The Only Way Is Essex…

In my life I try and look at as many bad experiences as I can

as lessons to be learned.

Teaching points.

After all.



Mistakes and errors are all things which make us grow.

They make us become wiser.


Because how else do we learn in life otherwise?

You know these experiences good or bad

build up our character.

Make us who we really are today.

What we will tolerate from people in life.

Or how we act towards others.

You are in control on how you allow people to affect your life.

And how they make you feel.

There has to come a time when you have to let go

of all the pointless drama and the people who create it.

And just make sure you surround yourself with people who make you laugh so hard

that you forget all the bad and focus solely on the good.

And people that bring out the best in you and make you grow.

After all..

life is too short to be anything but happy.


Just get rid of anything negative which drains you.

And just watch how quickly everything will change around you.

Including how good you will feel about yourself.

Your confidence will sky rocket.

And your productivity will change.

You will feel less stressed and your outlook on life will be totally different.

I expect you will treat others differently and better too.

Doing all of above has been one of the best things I have ever done.

I feel wonderful to be honest.

By letting go of the people above does not mean you are a bad person.

No no.

It just means now you’ve finally realized that you deserve to be treated better.

And at the end of the day

you really do deserve that.

Don’t you think?

Time to finally get rid of those Crabs..

They are NASTY!

How The Most Successful Reinvent Themselves (and how you can too!)

Do you wish you were different?


More successful?

Would you like to be thinner?

Have better habits?

And feel more positive about life?

You may think that change is hard..

that it takes time.

But it really doesn’t have to be.

I believe that lasting change happens in an instant.

Sure, this goes against mainstream belief.

Most believe that change has to be a struggle.

They expect to try and fail numerous times before ultimately losing or succeeding.

For example, how many people do you know who struggle with their weight?

These are people who want to make a healthy change by getting in shape

but the change never seems to happen.

What is the biggest part of your life that you want to change?

Do you have inches to lose?

Do you have preventable diabetes?

Do you have a pair of skinny jeans that you want to fit into?

Or maybe you have an un reached goal completely unrelated to fitness.

What specifically is keeping you from making this change in your life?

I think deep down it’s the preparation for change that takes times.

In the end there’s a single instant when the change occurs.

Use these 3 steps to instantly create a lasting change and a reinvented you.

Step #1 to Reinvent Yourself: Believe that something in your life must change. Do you kinda want to get into shape, or do you absolutely have to lose the weight? Does dropping a few pounds sound nice, or is living another day in your current body simply unbearable? In order to reinvent yourself, you must believe wholeheartedly that things must change.

Step #2 to Reinvent Yourself: Believe that you must change it. It is vital that you take full responsibility in making the change rather than assigning responsibility elsewhere. Sure, others may help you, but in the end you are the one who is going to make it happen. You have to want this change enough to make it your personal mission—no one else can do it for you.

Step #3 to Reinvent Yourself: Believe that you can change it. Don’t let past failures get you down. The truth is that you are capable of amazing things when you put your mind to it. Believe that you are able to lose weight or to make any other positive change in your life.

Why do most people fail to make change stick?

They rely on willpower.

This works for a while..

but you’ll soon revert back to what’s comfortable.

The solution?

Change what you are comfortable with.

People are motivated by two things:

1) to avoid pain

2) to gain pleasure.

When you want to change a behavior pattern the key is to associate

pain with the behavior that you don’t want and

pleasure with the behavior that you do want.

You know that you want to lose weight

and that to do so you need to quit eating comfort food late at night.

You also know that you need to start exercising on a regular basis.

Up until this point your brain is trained to associate pleasure

with eating comfort food late at night and to associate pain with exercise.

It’s time to retrain your brain to feel good about exercise

and to feel bad about eating late at night.

Think about all of the negative things about being overweight

and connect these unpleasant thoughts to your late night snack.

Now think about all of the wonderful things about being in shape

and connect these pleasant thoughts to exercise.

Remember you are capable of making big changes in your life.

Dare to be great.

2 Dare To Be Great

I’m gonna tell you a bed time story about a nobody which turned into a SOMEBODY!|

You may not know this but before I was Personal Trainer I used

to work on The Grand Pier for several years in Weston-super-Mare.

I even worked at Mc Donalds too!

“Cheese on 6?”

That was code for how many of these hamburgers do want turned into cheeseburgers…

Anyway, back the the Pier…

that place was so much FUN to work at in the summer!

I got promoted through the ranks over the years and made some great friends.

Earned a good pretty good wage too!

Enough cheddar to put bacon in my sandwich anyways..

There was a problem though.

I actually kinda hated it!

The staff and managers were AWESOME.

But the long working hours were so draining…

The abuse you used to get from customers all the time was pretty awful too.

Especially on bank holidays when they were so so DRUNK!

During my time there I kept saying I was going to leave.

Year after year.

I was going to start using my business study qualifications.

I never did though.

I was in total denial.

Then there ended up being a little fire…

OK so it was a BIG fire!

And after a few months we all got offered volunteering redundancy.

This was during the recession in December.

I remember in the meeting after we were just told

I was the first person who stood up and just walked out.

What was the first thing I did?

I went to the gym and did some strength training.

Don’t ask me why.

I wanted to just relieve some tension I guess.

It worked.

Because after I felt so much better.

Obviously though this feeling passed.

And I felt a bit like shit if I am honest.

At the end of the day though it was business.

I understand.

I am not bitter.

No way man.

It actually gave a good KICK UP THE ASS which I needed!

This was now my chance.

I think this is what I was saying to myself when I stormed out.

Stuff the denial.

The excuses.

Here is it.

I decided to take this opportunity to do something I always wanted to do in my life.

Take a chance.

With very little money I re-trained.

Made a new start.

A new life.

Enjoy what I do.

Helping people and looking after my health.

My passion.

I LOVE helping people.

I promised myself that I would give it my all because even if I failed..

..I knew there would be NO REGRETS.

My dad didn’t even really want me to be a Personal Trainer.

He was totally against it.

Said I should of played it safe and still work on the pier if they asked me back.

He had a point though.

All he was trying to do was protect me.

Ya know, just in-case it did not quite go to plan.

A LOT of Personal Trainers only survive in the UK for around 6 months.

This is a fact.

Being self employed is really hard too.

In fact training people is the easy bit.

I think a lot of trainers don’t even think about the rest.

And they just expect people to come to them.

More on that topic another time though.

I always used take my dads advice but not this time.

Funny enough it my Mum who gave me the boost or the final nudge which I needed.

I just went for this.

Dared to be great.

I got 100% out of my comfort zone.

I started my life again from scratch and being self employed too.

I jumped straight into the deep end!

No experience.

ZERO money.

Not working at a gym.

100% freelance out in open.

I am still am now.

I worked my dam ass off.

Still am now chico!

No social life for a couple of years trying to build up my client base.

Free sessions for a year.

Just so I could try and build up a reputation.

I sacrificed so much.

Even a 5 year relationship ended because it suffered too much.

Heart breaking if I am honest.

Still hits a nerve.

I am human after all.

Not an emotionless robot.

Looking at things back now

I wish I had a bit more balance.

With my friends.



I just didn’t want anything to affect my desire, determination or progress.

Now I am trying to re-build my life back again.

I have done a lot of self-development over the last year.

And it’s worked really well.

Got back to a bit of normality.

Regain things I have lost.

Things which have been missing in my life that I actually need.

Friends especially.

I have actually had to make new ones.

Because at the end of the day if I didn’t

I would of just been on my own.

The only person who can change things at the end of the day is ME.

No one else.

I can make as many excuses as I want..

but the outcome will still be same.

Unless I DECIDE I WANT to do something about it.

There is no point just standing still.



MUST take action.

This can apply with you also.

With anything in life.

So that’s how I got here anyway.

I turned such a negative

during a recession into a positive.

Deep down I really wanted it that bad to succeed.

Was willing to do what it takes.

The is the key.

No excuses.

No denial.

No bullshit.

I still am growing stronger each day.

I love my career.

I love changing people’s lives.

I love my life.

I love my amazing clients.

Life is pretty dam good.

And I don’t even mind getting up at 4.30am regularly too!

Check out this story below about one of my clients Marcus.

Inspiring huh?

I also forgot to mention that during the same year he also lost 3

stone of weight.

You should see him now!


He dared to be great.

OK so now I thought I’d be brave and dig out some old horrible pictures of myself.

My own body transformation over the years.

Man I have changed a lot.

From being thin as a rake.

Bulking and being 16 stone.

To now…

Which is around just 6% body fat and fit as fiddle.

So what is the point of me showing you this?

To show off?

Not at all.

To show you that if you really want something in life

and are willing to work hard and make some sacrifices then you will get it.

No matter what genetics or goals you may have.

I did all of that and achieved it.

Put the required effort in.

Earn your body.

Dare to be great.

Get out of that comfort zone.

Because if you do GREAT things will happen!

You deserve to look and feel AMAZING 100%!

So make yourself the best possible version of yourself that you can possibly be.

I find if you really want something you will find a way no matter what.

If you don’t you will just find an excuse.

And and excuses are the nails which build up house of failure.

Sometimes you just have to try different things.

Make some sacrifices.

Work on it at a different angle.

Most of the time though we just really need to try a bit harder.

At the end of the day though only you can personally change

things but the end results is always worth it.


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