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Why ‘Pay As You Go’ Sucks For Results

Had a cracker of an email from follower Claire the other day!

‘Hey Matt I really want to join you guys at Synergy but you do not do Pay As You Go may I ask why?’

Well, let me explain my reasons.

You see I been training groups now for 8 years.

I wanted to offer something in Weston-Super-Mare that had the same journey as Personal Training but at a fraction of the cost so I could reach out and help more people

I created a little thing called

“Bootcamp Somerset”

I was the first person to introduce a “bootcamp” into the town

< ^^ The Original ^^ >>

As I got more popular lots of other “bootcamps” appeared into the mix

I remember I even had spies on me from various gyms LOL

Even now in January….
I’ve had the owner of local popular fitness class provider trying to sneak onto my mailing list to check my prices and programs…

“Sweet” …(literary)

You know who you are 😉

These were really cheap and simply just turn up when you can be assed

Just a random “beasting” for 60 minutes which gave people nosebleeds, or a boring coma-inducing session which sends everyone to sleep….


This above frustrated me as I was getting put into the same category as these other “classes” and my direction in the way I wanted to help people was so different

The people I were training at the time also didn’t even value me , my time or advice either

So the results they got were pretty ‘average’ if I am honest because of this

Mr J had to changed all the rules and created Synergy Phitness

You see I know what doesn’t work for results

And I have invested so much of my own money in myself to help other people so I know WHAT DOES

For example exercising x1 a week…

DOESN’T get you results

Having too much flexibility and choice

DOESN’T get you results

Exercising x3 a week…

WILL work for results

Having no Nutrition plan…

DOESN’T get you results

Turning up when you want…

DOESN’T get you results

Being supported and motivated in the right group environment…

WILL work for results

Being made accountable for your goals and achievements…

WILL get you results

Having a nutrition plan that works from years of studying…

WORKS for results

Doing something just because you friends are doing it

DOESNT work for results

Having a type and style of training you enjoy and is right for you….

WORKS for results

A money back guarantee proves..

You WILL GET results

Blending in the right type of training with fun and games now and then

WILL GET you long-term results

Reason why the average retention rate at Synergy is 2 years, with a good chunk staying for 8.

:::—– Let Me Ask You —– :::

How can you get a money back guarantee when you do pay as you go?

How can you have a money back guarantee when you can start up when you like?

How can you measure results this way?

How can your training be programmed?

How can it get progressive when someone random jumps into the mix every time?

One for the most important things for an effective training plan is the term


This means you start at a certain place and your journey ends at a different place

You take this journey gradually to in order to improve and adjust

This could be intensity, strength or as you get fitter or as get stronger

All the elements in fact

But this process allows you to adapt and progress in a safe manner so you can reach max gains

It’s a lot like with fighters

They start at a certain date

Then they hit a peak at a certain time

Just before their BIG FIGHT

Do you think they can simply turn up when they want to training?

Nor have any nutrition advice?

I don’t think so

But here is the BIGGEST THING

People will always do well…


Meaning have invested in themselves with money

Do you think you are going to value and take action on a nutrition plan that was given to you for a quid?

Don’t think so kiddo

And the others I used to train didn’t either that’s for sure!

But if you are paying top money for that plan you are going to follow it to a tee!

Cus you deep down want it….

You proved that by paying for it in the first place

If you always are looking for the cheapest way or the easiest way to do things in life then don’t be surprised if you don’t get anywhere


You can join us if you finally want to invest in yourself

It takes a special type of person to get involved at Synergy

Someone who really deep down wants it and is driven

Sound like you?

Let’s go trooper and click HERE to join

The WRONG diet

The BEST DIET Revealed…

There are plenty of diet fads out there isn’t there?

Now funny enough, all these do WORK in their own gimmick way…

That not does mean they are the best for your body or health though.

There is a better, less expensive not to mention a healthier way to do this.

Eat less, and most of the time good food.
That’s it.

No matter how you look at things, to drop weight or lose body fat you must create a calorie deficit, a negative energy balance.

For me personally, I think there is no better way to get amazing results or know where you are really going wrong than tracking or being aware of your calories…

The best “diet” is the one that you enjoy and works for you.
The one which gives you a bit of life balance.

That will give you the long-term results you are seeking.
So the best diet will actually be the one which you are fully in CONTROL of.

Ditch the mainstream bullshit.
Start learning.
Take some time to invest in yourself and health.
Break free and start making your own rules.

Matt “Trendsetter” Jupp


That’s why so many smart people invest in Synergy

There’s no leaving anything to chance

I’ll give you all the information you need as far as nutrition goes

All while getting fit as a fiddle while toning down that middle 🙂

Fancy joining us?

Click either below to show your interest




It’s on me (for FREE)

Health n Fitness fanatics thought I’d share this cheeky Kettlebell workout for you all to get stuck in with.

Complete each exercise for 60 seconds, then 50, 40, 30, 20, 10.
Rest for no more than 30 seconds between full rounds.

Do the transition between the exercises as quickly as you can.







Lesson number 3 out of 30

This can be a difficult day for some.
It’s the day when you go through your cupboards, your pantry, your freezer and your refrigerator and you get rid of the processed foods.

That means the bagels, the cereal, the crisps and
anything else that’s in a box or a bag.

Clean eating is about eating whole foods.
Whole foods are foods that are essentially complete as they are…

A chicken leg, for example, is a whole food.
A frozen and fried chicken tender in a bag is not.

A bag of fresh green beans are whole foods;
a can of green beans is not.

If you have food that has been unopened, consider donating it to your local community food share or homeless shelter.

If it’s been opened and looks a bit manky, it has to be tossed.

Here are 2 great resources for you to have a look at.

1. A list of processed foods so you’re clear what they are Click here

2. A list of the worlds healthiest foods.
Click here

You’ve got work to do.

Matt Jupp


Monday I am running a 30 Day Rapid Fitness & Fat Loss Accelerator Program for Men & Woman including a clean eating course also.

This is online/home program

and includes private support group and 30 short workouts which you can do anywhere

There are limited spaces available though, so if you want in

hit the link below to get instant access

See you there 

Why New Years Resolutions SUCK

Discover why 92% of you will do this

And how you can fix this disaster right now by being S.M.A.R.T

What I am talking about is though people sadly quitting or failing their New Years Resolutions.
Normally after the first 30 to 60 days.

This is not your fault though.
I fully believe all the BS weight loss and fitness products you see advertising to you on TV or social media is trying to make money out of everyone’s emotions is a part the issue here.

And before some of you start barking at me, there is nothing wrong with getting excited or being determined by a new lifestyle or dream.

Planning all sorts, better choices and better habits etc.
Cus reality is you really CAN achieve ANYTHING if you deep down want it! 

I am just going to explain why I think personally New Year Resolutions are a BAD IDEA…
With some advice on how to achieve your goals easier.

1) First off I bet your goals are probably unrealistic so you are setting yourself up for failure.

2) You are unprepared so you have an idea want you ‘kinda’ wanna do but you most likely do not have a game plan.

3) Your goals are unclear.

4) You lack support and accountability.
Who is gonna help you then when all your other friends have dropped out?
Or when things start getting TOUGH?

Yet, over 90% of all people who set weight loss or fitness goals for the New Year don’t even know how much they want to lose, inches to drop or at least a target, certain standards with goals regarding their fitness, strength or body.

I just think everyone just puts far too much pressure on themselves with unrealistic expectations and go all in all guns blazing and then end up being unhappy once again 

You just gotta give things a chance, be consistent and of course work hard.

And if you are willing to do those things…
Then you don’t need New Year or any Monday to start doing anything you want.
The time is simply NOW!

Create some S.M.A.R.T goals.

(Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time)

Break it all down with a detailed action plan with exactly what you are going to do in order to achieve your goals.

Or if you are real smartie pants …

Just invest in a coach like me that will help you do all this kinda work for you while supporting you the whole way 🙂

Good luck kiddo

Matt ‘Solution’ Jupp


Just one of the benefits of joining SynergyPhitness

When you work in my group programs, NOTHING is left to chance

Join the New Year PHITness Revolution by clicking the link below


Join us online


30 workouts. 30 days.
30 Days Of Phitness.

My new online fitness & weight loss accelerator which will kick off on January 8th 💪

Aimed at those seeking an energizing fitness reboot combining resistance training with HIIT

Including for all you fitness and health professionals too.

All you need is a positive hard-working attitude and a kettlebell (or a medicine ball or a pair of dumbbells) then you are ready to go!

Give me 30 days and I’ll get you back into the best shape of your life.

Working your full body including abs and core.

My goal is to get you re motivated, in shape, and consistent again with your own fitness.

You know, like you used to be…while teaching you good habits

Like how to eat clean in daily bite-sized chunks

Plus other awesome content

All, at a very affordable price at just 75p a day.


A: All 30 workouts typed up in pdf format
B: All 30 workout videos to download and use anytime
C: All 30 nutrition tips/information typed up
D: Other FREE bonus content like…

* Eating On The Go Bible
* Healthy Cooking Bible
* Smoothie recipes
* Eat Shrink & Be Merry Xmas Survival Guide (if sign up now)
* Exclusive Supplement Discounts

Plus many more…


When the challenge is over you’ll have a renewed confidence

that will inspire anyone who has the honour of being around you

Who knows what adventures or further achievements this could lead to…

These ridiculous fitness & weight loss results are NOT for everyone…

But if you’re ready to change your story

Then hit the link below

And if you’re already in shape…

This will be a fantastic challenge for you.

You will be able to do these amazing workouts anywhere but have some awesome accountability (the key to results) to make sure you GET THE WORK DONE!

Reserve your spot now before the price doubles and join the 2018 #PhitFeed movement

And quite frankly it’s not me missing out if you decide not to take advantage right now…

WORST thing to do



A question I get a lot is

“Is it ok to do exercise while feeling poorly?”

It depends on few things kiddo…

If your symptoms are above your neck then it’s usually OK to exercise.

Things like:
Runny nose
Nasal congestion
Sore throat

Just keep that intensity low.
If you got a cold consume liquids like water and green tea.

Eat protein for recovery.
Propolis and Echinacea are also secrets weapons.

Lemsip is a load of rubbish but will relieve some of your symptoms.

Unless you got man flu…

No one can cure that shit 

If you have:
Coughing or chest congestion
Muscle aches
Upset stomach
Stomach cramps

Avoid exercise like the plague ^
It will only make you worse

Cus your poor immune system is stressed out as it

Just try and enjoy the rest and recovery

This will also give your joints and tendons a break too.

I will say though if you are more active your body will
fight infections much quicker….

And in all honesty, if you eat healthily you will have a cracking immune system 

Healthy immune system = never get ill

Never get ill = able to train with no setbacks or disruption


Matt’I’d Jab That Jupp’


Speaking of being healthy…

2018 will be the start of my new online

My new online fitness & weight loss accelerator program starting January

This includes 30 workouts in 30 days which you can do ANYWHERE!

PLUS we have thrown in a clean eating challenge,
VIP private support group & a whole lot of kick-ass free extras!

These ridiculous fitness & weight loss results are NOT for everyone…

But if you’re ready to change your story

Then hit the link below

And join the rest of us for the 2018 #PhitFeed movement 

Xmas Shopping Workout


Who’s gonna get involved with this full body resistance workout using your Xmas shopping? 🎅
Just grab a couple of bags & away you Ho-Ho 

If you are struggling take 20-30 second breaks in between exercises
and of course, if you fancy around round then GO FOR IT 🙂

“Burn” to “earn” those Xmas treats


If you enjoyed this then you will LOVE the 30 workouts part of our 30 Days Of Phitness Challenge Starting January

Click Below To Find Out More

Client hits me :(

I could not believe this kiddo when it happened but I should have seen it coming really

With comments, I made before we started training…

You could feel the vibe had changed in the room also…

No need for Mr J to get smacked right in the face though!

But me bad

My fault for getting one of my troopers Alex so pumped for the cheeky indoor
boys vs girls Snowball warm-up fight we had as one of our Christmas themed
training sessions here at Synergy Phitness

Yarp that’s right, snowballs!

Don’t worry they didn’t melt as they were indoor ones

We just melted up to 1000 calories instead 😉

All of course while having lots of fun!

This month they have absolutely loved:
Building a Snowman
Tabata Advent Calendar
Night before Phitness story
Pin the nose on the reindeer
Christmas Carol Dasher Blitzer quizer
Plus 12 days of Phitness

You can check the video clip of all of this
by clicking here

A lot of effort was made for these guys in advance
but so worth it to help keep them motivated while finishing
the year on a dam good high 🙂

We are coming up to Jan 2018 now
and I often get the same question asked to me time after time

‘What’s the best kind of exercise for weight loss ?’

The question is really kiddo what exercise program are you most likely to stick with?

It’s all about sustainability you see

Keeping your training consistent so the biggest things here are to do something that gives you :

1) Results

2) Something that you can ENJOY

3) Something you feel comfortable doing, in the right environment with the right people

4) Something you can do on a regular basis

What works for your friends though may
NOT work for YOU…

One of the simplest ways of working out what exercise
you should be doing, is to ask yourself
what exercise/sports you enjoyed when you were at school?

What did you naturally attracted towards when you were at school?

Unless you were the naughty one smoking behind the bike shed all the time that is …

(You little rascal) 😉

If it was netball, football, hockey, rounders, cricket or basketball, then now you might enjoy HIIT style workouts more…

Your body might respond better to more workouts that are short burst and explosive in nature ya see

If it was cross country running, swimming, then now you might enjoy more cardio based exercise in your training plan

See what I mean?

So there’s no right or wrong answer here though as long you address those key points above

And one of the main reasons why so many smart once frustrated men and women in Weston-Super-Mare train with us at Synergy Phitness….

We don’t just do one type of training

We use a variety of different and highly effective training methods (HIIT, resistance, boxing, cardio, core, ab work, team challenges and fun team games) to keep things always fun and fresh to keep you progressing to help you stay in the game for the long term

And then there is my themed training sessions too

I’ve never even repeated the same training session twice, ever

And this year every warm-up has been fun and different also

How’s how much effort I put in for my clients

How much effort does your class make?

I’ll be sliding into your inbox again soon

but and in 2018 just do what you LOVE

Matt ‘Walking in the air’ Jupp


Wanna get in on all the action packed fun also?

Show your interest by clicking HERE 

HIIT Or Slow Cardio?


To HIIT it or not to HIIT it for best weight loss?

That is the question! 🤔🏃

Personally, I love High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) & it’s part of my training on the days I’m not lifting weights or going for a run.

However, while HIIT will produce quicker results including getting your fitness levels up rapidly.. at the end of the day being fit & healthy is a lifestyle choice & all about the long game.

So for this reason, it’s important for you to do something that you enjoy, but also pushes you enough to get the results you desire 😊

Please please just don’t stick to just doing cardio though!🏃

Make sure you are also doing resistance training part of your regime.


Because not only is it amazing to shift fat but has many other benefits such as:

Improved muscle strength & tone.
Increased bone destiny.
Improved mobility
Posture issues

PLUS, a load of others such as improved self-confidence, mood, body image while enhancing the performance of everyday tasks including reducing injuries and back pain.

The list goes on! 💪

Matt ‘HIIT man’ Jupp


This is one the many reasons smart men and women invest in Synergy

Not only do we work your body at every single angle

Using different energy systems

Plus working different muscle groups while we are it too

We do it in a such a creative exciting way

That time just flashes by

(Unlike boring steady state cardio or most causal bootcamps)

CLICK HERE to book your spot for next year

And never do coma-inducing workouts every again


Instant motivation inside

Or is that MOANtivation?

Hehe 🙂

Which ones are you guilty of?

But seriously excuses aside…

I 💙Xmas!

Especially when you are active doing things FUN 

Just like I did on the weekend dancing on Ice like a boss 😎









Well, kinda 

Who else has been to Icescape at the Tropicana yet?

A fantastic way to burn some calories while working on your core and balance 

There are so many other awesome activities also to do with your family, partner or friends

Who says exercise has to be BORING?

Other examples are that trampoline place ‘AirHop’ ,
festive walks with friends and family,
chopping some wood for the fire ,
using the stairs not the lift ,
playing on that Nintendo Wii
or Playstation VR with the kids,
A Christmas fun run or Obstacle Race 

All these things will help you battle the bulge this Christmas

And I’m sure you can think of better activities also… Especially in the bedroom 👌

(Oh Matron) 

Just try and don’t let things slip

Especially if have done so well most of the year 

Burn it (be active) to earn it
(eat those extra calories) 

And go out there, make an ass out of yourself
and bloody have some good fun while you are doing it

Cus ya worth it 

Matt ‘Dancing queen’ Jupp


Being fit and healthy is a lifestyle choice not a quick fix

Get involved with Synergy in January 2018 by booking HERE

and get fit, feel good, look GREAT

While still having a NORMAL life

And enjoying the things you still love

It’s all about the long game with us

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