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How this shake made me soil myself

I thought I would tell you a story

This year I went to Berlin to take part in

Europes Toughest Mudder

























An 8-hour obstacle race starting from midnight

5-mile laps

Rinse and repeat over N’ over again

MR J here manage to finish 30th

And get 30 miles in total

Would have been 35 miles

But had a bit of an “accident”

Was just about to finish my first lap

Simply had no worries in the world

Until I tried to let a sneaky one out…

Let’s just say the term

“Silent but deadly”

is an understatement

It wasn’t my fault though

The voices in my head made me do it….

But seriously

Pick up a copy of any health magazine and you will be bombarded with a shite load of protein adverts

It’s all about protein proteinprotein

The more the better

That’s because most magazines are owned by a supplement company in the first place

There’s a huge money-making in supplements

So back to your “diarrhoea fix”

There are 2 main reasons regarding smelly farts and all embarrassing things to do with protein shakes…

Number 1.
This could be due to an incorrect ratio of protein to carbs

Example too much protein, little carbs so your body has to compensate

Number 2.
Most shakes are full of horrid cheap sugars and filler

The reason why I normally actually puke up after a “For Goodness Shakes”

My issue though wasn’t actually to do with the protein I had in fact

It was from having far too much Potassium during the day

It wasn’t that bad

I am a bit of a drama queen you see

But, like with anything, too much of a good thing can

“Bite you in the ass”



How much Protein do you actually need?

And WHY is it important for essential fat loss and maintaining muscle tissue?

I explain the important details in my new video below

Matt ‘ Unleashing the protein within’ Jupp


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How Many Did You Do?

Think of calories this way

Money is in the bank now will you spend it?

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How To Crush Slimming Clubs


Who does these to drop those extra lbs to get your weight loss award certificate?

Don’t forget to starve yourself also 😉





But we love a number, don’t we?

It’s our way to measure progress and keep score

I mean hands up if you’ve ever come out of the gym feeling awesome after a great workout gone into the changing room and jumped on the scales …

only to be left feeling deflated by the number staring back at you? 🙁

I know your body image is important to you

That’s why you are reading this right?

But using the ‘SAD Step’ as a term of progress can be so wrong for you

You can not measure:

1) Changes in your body composition
2) Your fitness levels
3) Your energy levels
4)Your strength
5) Your sense of achievement
6) Your confidence
7) Your happiness

Yet I know some people who weigh themselves every single day ..

No wonder why they are so depressed all the time and stuck in a rut

The thing is kiddo and I’ve told you this before

I can lose as much as 2lbs overnight

And during a heavy 90 minute workout I can lose as much as 4-6 lbs….

Now before you get excited and ask how I do it…

Let me make it clear that this isn’t real weight loss

It’s all water

My point is this:

When I step on the scales in the morning or after training the number I see isn’t my real weight

It’s a dehydrated me

It’s not accurate

My scales do not and cannot take into account how much I sweat, how much I drink or how much I have eaten

And because of this my weight can vary significantly over a 24 hour period

But it’s not just water

The energy stores in your muscles affect it too

For example if you embark on a low-carb diet combined with intense exercise you will deplete the glycogen (energy) stores in your muscles

When these stores are full you weigh more

When they are empty you weigh less

When you deplete your glycogen stores you can lose as much as 4lbs in just a few days

These are the things you really need to take into account when you are weighing yourself and monitoring progress

Instead of using the SAD Step why not try . . .

1) Use the picture test

Quite simply take a picture from the front, back and side then watch for differences every month

2) Determine your body composition

This is a breakdown of how much body fat and lean muscle you have and can be measured with skinfold

At Synergy, for example, we have got state of the art body fat % and muscle quality screening equipment to measure your progress

Then we can

3) Take measurements

Measure your thighs, waist, hips, chest, shoulders, upper arms and calves to see how they are changing with time

4) The trouser test

A true measure of how your appearance is changing by simply seeing if your trousers are getting looser

The four methods combined with your weight are a more accurate and motivating way of measuring change and monitoring your success

On its own…weight is just a number

And that’s really it

It doesn’t always tell you if you’re getting bigger or smaller

It goes up and down

It can deceive you

It’s a can be lying jealous bitch

And I really hate her

Let the combination of the other measurements and most important HOW YOU FEEL keep you sane

Just like we teach and apply at Synergy

Now smash up those scales


Matt ‘MC hammer’ Jupp


Although we focus on measurements and actual body fat dropped

the number on the scales can be a good measure when you are a complete starter

Just like our latest member John

who has lost the most amount I have ever seen in a long time!

More on that and what he did we us soon

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About Your Loss (Exercise While Grieving)

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Why you should suffer


Dunno about you kiddo but today I feel like crap

Maybe it was because it was ‘officially Blue Monday’ last week

Or maybe it’s just because I am going through one of the hardest times of my
life at the moment and I gotta just ‘suck it up buttercup’

Now for most of you, I would say

Give it a day and I am sure you will be feeling fine once again

So if you feel like crap also my friend

Don’t worry about it

It’s OK to feel like crap once in a while

Draw a line underneath it

And get back in the game when feeling more up to it

^^ The sunlight will always appear at the end of the darkest tunnels ^^

Feeling like crap 24/7 though?

Fancy a blue Monday every day?

Reminds me of the 90% of people are giving up their New Year Resolutions right now and feeling like rubbish once again

Lacking motivation yourself?

Let me tell you something about motivation

Unless inside you deep down want something you will NEVER get it unless you really desire it yourself
and are willing to do the required work for it

Finding it hard work?

I agree it is hard work

Getting up early to train is stressful

Thinking about what to eat every day correctly is a pain in the ass

It is a struggle

But the thing is in life

We are always STRUGGLING

Every positive or negative action we do daily is a struggle

But to appreciate to highs in life

You must appreciate the lows and those struggles…

For example, if you trained and completed a marathon it would
be one of the time-consuming, painful things you would ever do

It’s hard work!

But you appreciate it more because you have achieved something

The struggle turned into something GLORIOUS

If you are always getting stuff given to you and what is easy
and there is no suffering there will never be any glory

You will never see the light

You gotta learn and understand being uncomfortable is a good thing
because the return back and the glory is one of the greatest pleasures
and lessons you will ever get in life

And even now MR here having the worst time of my life

I am still grinding 5-6 workouts a week

Using it as ‘my time’ and let off some anger

Still, getting work done cus I know reality no one else do it for myself

No matter how much I do not feel up for this right now

And appreciating so much stuff and all the small things
because I know that I am ever so lucky to be able to have some control of them



Be happy or be miserable…

The struggle you choose is yours

Matt ‘Struggling’ Jupp


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The Slimming World Trap



The thing is though….

all these clubs kinda do WORK in their own gimmick way…

That not does mean they are the best for your body or lifestyle though

Especially for the long-term

So with that …..

That current dirt cheap class you are doing down the road with your ‘class pass’

That expensive cold shake you have to down in the winter,
constant weekly guilt trips with your sin bins, points and colour days at that diet club…

…that you keep HAVING TO GO BACK TO even when you succeed as you depend on their rules

Is this how you wanna do things for the long-term?

Is this how you really want to live?

If the answer is NO

Then contact me NOW and fill out my empathy form by clicking the link below

The best “diet” is the one that you enjoy and works for you.

The one which gives you a bit of life balance.

That will give you the long-term results you are seeking.

The one which you are fully in CONTROL of.

Ditch the mainstream bullshit.

Start learning.

Take some time to invest in yourself and health.

Break free and start making your own rules.

Matt’Straight talker’ Jupp



That’s why so many smart people invest in Synergy

There’s no leaving anything to chance

I’ll give you all the information you need as far as nutrition goes

Without the guilt trips

All while getting fit as a fiddle while toning down that middle 🙂

Fancy joining us?

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Why ‘Pay As You Go’ Sucks For Results

Had a cracker of an email from follower Claire the other day!

‘Hey Matt I really want to join you guys at Synergy but you do not do Pay As You Go may I ask why?’

Well, let me explain my reasons.

You see I been training groups now for 8 years.

I wanted to offer something in Weston-Super-Mare that had the same journey as Personal Training but at a fraction of the cost so I could reach out and help more people

I created a little thing called

“Bootcamp Somerset”

I was the first person to introduce a “bootcamp” into the town

< ^^ The Original ^^ >>

As I got more popular lots of other “bootcamps” appeared into the mix

I remember I even had spies on me from various gyms LOL

Even now in January….
I’ve had the owner of local popular fitness class provider trying to sneak onto my mailing list to check my prices and programs…

“Sweet” …(literary)

You know who you are 😉

These were really cheap and simply just turn up when you can be assed

Just a random “beasting” for 60 minutes which gave people nosebleeds, or a boring coma-inducing session which sends everyone to sleep….


This above frustrated me as I was getting put into the same category as these other “classes” and my direction in the way I wanted to help people was so different

The people I were training at the time also didn’t even value me , my time or advice either

So the results they got were pretty ‘average’ if I am honest because of this

Mr J had to changed all the rules and created Synergy Phitness

You see I know what doesn’t work for results

And I have invested so much of my own money in myself to help other people so I know WHAT DOES

For example exercising x1 a week…

DOESN’T get you results

Having too much flexibility and choice

DOESN’T get you results

Exercising x3 a week…

WILL work for results

Having no Nutrition plan…

DOESN’T get you results

Turning up when you want…

DOESN’T get you results

Being supported and motivated in the right group environment…

WILL work for results

Being made accountable for your goals and achievements…

WILL get you results

Having a nutrition plan that works from years of studying…

WORKS for results

Doing something just because you friends are doing it

DOESNT work for results

Having a type and style of training you enjoy and is right for you….

WORKS for results

A money back guarantee proves..

You WILL GET results

Blending in the right type of training with fun and games now and then

WILL GET you long-term results

Reason why the average retention rate at Synergy is 2 years, with a good chunk staying for 8.

:::—– Let Me Ask You —– :::

How can you get a money back guarantee when you do pay as you go?

How can you have a money back guarantee when you can start up when you like?

How can you measure results this way?

How can your training be programmed?

How can it get progressive when someone random jumps into the mix every time?

One for the most important things for an effective training plan is the term


This means you start at a certain place and your journey ends at a different place

You take this journey gradually to in order to improve and adjust

This could be intensity, strength or as you get fitter or as get stronger

All the elements in fact

But this process allows you to adapt and progress in a safe manner so you can reach max gains

It’s a lot like with fighters

They start at a certain date

Then they hit a peak at a certain time

Just before their BIG FIGHT

Do you think they can simply turn up when they want to training?

Nor have any nutrition advice?

I don’t think so

But here is the BIGGEST THING

People will always do well…


Meaning have invested in themselves with money

Do you think you are going to value and take action on a nutrition plan that was given to you for a quid?

Don’t think so kiddo

And the others I used to train didn’t either that’s for sure!

But if you are paying top money for that plan you are going to follow it to a tee!

Cus you deep down want it….

You proved that by paying for it in the first place

If you always are looking for the cheapest way or the easiest way to do things in life then don’t be surprised if you don’t get anywhere


You can join us if you finally want to invest in yourself

It takes a special type of person to get involved at Synergy

Someone who really deep down wants it and is driven

Sound like you?

Let’s go trooper and click HERE to join

The WRONG diet

The BEST DIET Revealed…

There are plenty of diet fads out there isn’t there?

Now funny enough, all these do WORK in their own gimmick way…

That not does mean they are the best for your body or health though.

There is a better, less expensive not to mention a healthier way to do this.

Eat less, and most of the time good food.
That’s it.

No matter how you look at things, to drop weight or lose body fat you must create a calorie deficit, a negative energy balance.

For me personally, I think there is no better way to get amazing results or know where you are really going wrong than tracking or being aware of your calories…

The best “diet” is the one that you enjoy and works for you.
The one which gives you a bit of life balance.

That will give you the long-term results you are seeking.
So the best diet will actually be the one which you are fully in CONTROL of.

Ditch the mainstream bullshit.
Start learning.
Take some time to invest in yourself and health.
Break free and start making your own rules.

Matt “Trendsetter” Jupp


That’s why so many smart people invest in Synergy

There’s no leaving anything to chance

I’ll give you all the information you need as far as nutrition goes

All while getting fit as a fiddle while toning down that middle 🙂

Fancy joining us?

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