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How To Crush Slimming Clubs


Who does these to drop those extra lbs to get your weight loss award certificate?

Don’t forget to starve yourself also 😉





But we love a number, don’t we?

It’s our way to measure progress and keep score

I mean hands up if you’ve ever come out of the gym feeling awesome after a great workout gone into the changing room and jumped on the scales …

only to be left feeling deflated by the number staring back at you? 🙁

I know your body image is important to you

That’s why you are reading this right?

But using the ‘SAD Step’ as a term of progress can be so wrong for you

You can not measure:

1) Changes in your body composition
2) Your fitness levels
3) Your energy levels
4)Your strength
5) Your sense of achievement
6) Your confidence
7) Your happiness

Yet I know some people who weigh themselves every single day ..

No wonder why they are so depressed all the time and stuck in a rut

The thing is kiddo and I’ve told you this before

I can lose as much as 2lbs overnight

And during a heavy 90 minute workout I can lose as much as 4-6 lbs….

Now before you get excited and ask how I do it…

Let me make it clear that this isn’t real weight loss

It’s all water

My point is this:

When I step on the scales in the morning or after training the number I see isn’t my real weight

It’s a dehydrated me

It’s not accurate

My scales do not and cannot take into account how much I sweat, how much I drink or how much I have eaten

And because of this my weight can vary significantly over a 24 hour period

But it’s not just water

The energy stores in your muscles affect it too

For example if you embark on a low-carb diet combined with intense exercise you will deplete the glycogen (energy) stores in your muscles

When these stores are full you weigh more

When they are empty you weigh less

When you deplete your glycogen stores you can lose as much as 4lbs in just a few days

These are the things you really need to take into account when you are weighing yourself and monitoring progress

Instead of using the SAD Step why not try . . .

1) Use the picture test

Quite simply take a picture from the front, back and side then watch for differences every month

2) Determine your body composition

This is a breakdown of how much body fat and lean muscle you have and can be measured with skinfold

At Synergy, for example, we have got state of the art body fat % and muscle quality screening equipment to measure your progress

Then we can

3) Take measurements

Measure your thighs, waist, hips, chest, shoulders, upper arms and calves to see how they are changing with time

4) The trouser test

A true measure of how your appearance is changing by simply seeing if your trousers are getting looser

The four methods combined with your weight are a more accurate and motivating way of measuring change and monitoring your success

On its own…weight is just a number

And that’s really it

It doesn’t always tell you if you’re getting bigger or smaller

It goes up and down

It can deceive you

It’s a can be lying jealous bitch

And I really hate her

Let the combination of the other measurements and most important HOW YOU FEEL keep you sane

Just like we teach and apply at Synergy

Now smash up those scales


Matt ‘MC hammer’ Jupp


Although we focus on measurements and actual body fat dropped

the number on the scales can be a good measure when you are a complete starter

Just like our latest member John

who has lost the most amount I have ever seen in a long time!

More on that and what he did we us soon

Or, see for yourself by getting involved with our FREE 30-day fat loss challenge HERE

We start in just 2 weeks…

Stand still or step up

Always your choice

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