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How this shake made me soil myself

I thought I would tell you a story

This year I went to Berlin to take part in

Europes Toughest Mudder

























An 8-hour obstacle race starting from midnight

5-mile laps

Rinse and repeat over N’ over again

MR J here manage to finish 30th

And get 30 miles in total

Would have been 35 miles

But had a bit of an “accident”

Was just about to finish my first lap

Simply had no worries in the world

Until I tried to let a sneaky one out…

Let’s just say the term

“Silent but deadly”

is an understatement

It wasn’t my fault though

The voices in my head made me do it….

But seriously

Pick up a copy of any health magazine and you will be bombarded with a shite load of protein adverts

It’s all about protein proteinprotein

The more the better

That’s because most magazines are owned by a supplement company in the first place

There’s a huge money-making in supplements

So back to your “diarrhoea fix”

There are 2 main reasons regarding smelly farts and all embarrassing things to do with protein shakes…

Number 1.
This could be due to an incorrect ratio of protein to carbs

Example too much protein, little carbs so your body has to compensate

Number 2.
Most shakes are full of horrid cheap sugars and filler

The reason why I normally actually puke up after a “For Goodness Shakes”

My issue though wasn’t actually to do with the protein I had in fact

It was from having far too much Potassium during the day

It wasn’t that bad

I am a bit of a drama queen you see

But, like with anything, too much of a good thing can

“Bite you in the ass”



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